What Is S.O.B.E.R*?

"Anita and Mike Devlin have written a compelling book that gets at the raw and painful heart of family addiction and the hope and possibility of individual and family recovery.

S.O.B.E.R.* offers a seldom seen inside look at these relationship dynamics.  We see it from a mother’s view and from the addict’s perspective, a rare glimpse demonstrates this daily, all-consuming relationship, engendering fear, anger, despair and high anxiety.  Parental anxiety makes rational decision-making almost impossible.

Anita’s story is a deep dive into these relationship dynamics, especially as a parent, where making the healthiest choice may actually be counter-intuitive to what we as humans are compelled to do in our moments of anger and desperation."

                                                                               David Rotenberg

                                                             Vice President of Treatment Services

                                                                         Caron Treatment Centers


"S.O.B.E.R.* offers a personal vantage point into not only the heartbreaking challenge of a child’s addiction but also the hope and joy realized by those families who surrender, seek direction, and find recovery. I would recommend that any family, whether currently seeking treatment or still suffering the pain of loving an addict, take the time to read 

Anita’s inspiring story of hope in the face of the seemingly hopeless. Her experience, though her own, will provide insight and fellowship for any parent, caregiver, child, or sibling faced with the disease of addiction."

                                                                                       - Chico West, LPCS