The Circle

Every once in awhile as I’m working, I'll catch what I consider Joni Mitchell's signature song on Pandora . . . The Circle Game. 1970. Ladies of the Canyon. Whenever I hear it, I'm thankful for her prescient lyrics, because it seems that no matter what stage of life I'm in, it always resonates. Today, at 70, Joni continues to develop her talents, as she walks around her own circle of life. New Boxed Set: Love Has Many Faces; A Quartet, A Ballet Waiting to Be Danced. New dreams. 

In my teens, the world was easier to grasp. Go to college, find a job, fall in love, marry; everything seemed so much simpler. "Promises of someday" made dreams seem not only hopeful, but attainable. And when things didn't go right, hey, there was always time to right them. New dreams, new promises.

When my children were young the lyrics made me a little sad; the way Joni described the passage of time in her own life made me wish I could keep all three of my daughters small forever, although I knew it couldn't happen. Cartwheels do turn to carwheels very, very quickly, but when you're in that stage of life, you're too busy to notice how fast those years fly by. 

Fast forward a few decades (ahem), and life is still full of the ups, the downs, the questions, the answers. At this stage, for me anyway, transition to a new path is fraught with decisions. Scary decisions. As a painter, should I stay on course, and continue doing what has made me happy for the last 20 years, or switch gears and try something new? When is staying safe important, and when is it time to make a change? As a freelance textile designer back in the 70's, it was a different world. A world when art was created only by hand. No computer generated art. No programs to learn. No files to create. And no one to see your work unless it was door-to door. All that's changed. Not to mention the hoards of younger, talented and more technically advanced artists who get it all. Understandably, it comes easy because technology has been their world for years. A bit daunting to try to catch up and get with the program. But . . . if life is a circle, then what the heck? Yes. A new venture is still exciting, and still fills me with hope. Eternal optimist I guess. Or just dumb enough not to know what I don't know. 

We're captive on the carousel of time. 

We can't return we can only look 

Behind from where we came 

And go round and round and round 

In the circle game.


Moving On. Growing Up. Looking Ahead.  All good.   Thanks Joni…..



By: Alicia Chimento