A Passionate Life

Often times people move through life unaware of what excites them only to find they are living a life of misery, struggle and frustration.  Discovering passion in life is a gift you give to yourself and to others. Are you aware of the gifts or talents you possess and are you able to share them to inspire others?

I believe everyone has unique talents that make them who they are.  Once one  begins to discover the talents and gifts that motivate and fuel their personal life, I  am convinced one will find purpose and meaning to their life.  To this day, I tell my children to explore that which motivates and energizes them, and what fuels their desire to learn.  There within that knowing, they will find happiness and success.  I have discovered that finding space in one’s day is a helpful tool in exploring new passions, or rediscovering old ones.  Being present and passionate about how you live your life is a much different feeling than moving through life with little or no purpose.  Should one continue to struggle? Is it time to create space and explore what fuels desire and excitement?  Is it time to step out of your comfort zone?   I often wonder if people truly believe they can’t choose how they want to live.  Choice is a freedom we are given as US citizens and determine and guide us into the life we live. Those choices can either enrich and empower or destroy and diminish the self.  I would much rather create a life I am enthusiastic about, a life that inspires me and radiates with peace and happiness.  I do believe, however, that it takes being present, fearless, vulnerable, courageous, and open to change to create a happy life. Not to say, there won’t be times that are out of one’s control, situations inherent in life that require hard work and determination to navigate through; but those times of struggle and turmoil are opportunities for growth and change.  Perhaps materialism, ingrained in the 21st century American culture, has darkened one’s ability to notice what fuels their fire, or has sucked the enthusiasm out of life.  Is it possible one is too busy to notice?

Teaching yoga classes and working individually with clients is what I was meant to do with my life. It is a gift that I can share with others, one that brings joy and happiness to my life and to those around me.  There is nothing better than seeing a student progress in a pose or come out of one that may not be available at that moment, or observing the collective dance of effort and concentration from each yogi.  When a student hugs me and takes a moment to express gratitude it fuels my passion and makes my heart sing.  When I first came in contact with Sandy Samberg in yoga class, I knew she was someone special.  Sandy is the President of a non-profit organization, SoleRyder’s who provide service to women fighting cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to be involved, not just with anything, but with something I am passionate about.  Months later, Sandy found the perfect fit and I became a client coordinator for The Wig Exchange program developed in 2013. I not only am able to provide high quality wigs, but also emotional support from someone who has been there.  The personal connections I have made with people are indescribable feelings.

Finding passion in my life has brought me happiness, peace and success! If you are not at that point in life yet do not be afraid but continue to explore and listen to your heart.  Do not give up or allow fear of the unknown to hold you back; embrace fear and use it for empowerment.  I indulge in life’s blessings by surrounding myself with people who are kind, honest, and true.  I love to be inspired as much as I love to inspire.  Passion is contagious, so surround oneself with people who are enthusiastic about what they do and live a life they love.

By: Janet Muller