Girlfriends Walk

Walking yesterday in the sub freezing cold gave me a chance to think without distraction . . . it was too cold to take off my non-iphone gloves and check an incoming text, too cold to keep checking my pace, and too cold to use headphones because my head was wrapped in a fur trapper hat which kept moving with the wind and knocking out the earphones. So I just walked with my brand new hiking boots (yay) through the snow for about 2 miles. It was of nice to just “be” and walk, and not have to check devices or talk to myself about what needs to be done later or tomorrow. I thought maybe I should use this precious alone time to reflect on the some of the good friends that make me happy. Those I am grateful for. Not a bad thing to do as the New Year rolls in.

I started thinking about a close friend of 40+years who had texted me a few minutes before. I was so relieved that she had come through a major health issue and was on her way to recovery. Then the friend who, when we get together for our monthly coffee catch-ups about family and life, makes us both feel like we've solved the problems of the world. . . HA! The friend and former business partner who although I don’t see as much as I’d like to, always has a smile, a funny joke and a spiritual connection to share. Another friend who although is close in heart, is far in distance. It was a simple exercise in gratitude I guess. Having the good blessing of sharing and knowing and experiencing life's challenges with people who really understand. 


Having a few minutes to really appreciate the time we have shared. I have always believed that God sends people into our lives for a very good reason. He gifts us with the people He knows we need. Sometimes it's companionship. Sometimes it's pure joy. Sometimes it's strength. 

When I think of a friend who has given me unending support & practical resources during a very, very difficult time, I think of Anita Devlin. Upbeat, informative, loving, caring, creative, strong, smart, funny, honest; what else can I say? How about author, filmmaker, mother, spokesperson? All these qualities make Anita the blessing she is to me as a friend, but to all people whose lives she has touched through her work for the Caron Foundation, her impact is immeasurable. Her work on their behalf is meant to be shared, so if you know of someone who needs some hope through the difficult process of addiction for a family member or loved one, please pass along this site to Anita is there to help. That's her middle name.

The years fly by, and as this month begins, I want to wish my friend Anita the Happiest of Birthdays and all the joys of this coming New Year. Emily Dickinson is known to have said, "We turn not older with years, but newer each day." So true, especially for you dear Anita. Enjoy the next 365 day trip around the sun!

By: Alicia Chimento